WPE - Writing Professional English

Leonardo da Vinci II: CZ/02/B/F/LA - 134043
Duration: 1/11/2002 - 31/10/2005
This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community. The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community, nor does it involve any responsibility on the part of the European Community.


The result of WPE project is following. Freely available is a demo version.

Reference Modules

  1. describing types of professional writing such as scientific articles/papers, reports, proposals, reviews/assessments of other authors' written materials, promotional materials, etc.
  2. highlighting specific language features that cause writing difficulties in sections on: structural components of a piece of technical/scientific writing, stylistic features of technical/scientific writing, use of language, vocabulary
  3. providing authentic examples from target working sectors

Instructional Modules

Providing end-users with self-study exercises consolidating the information acquired in reference modules:

  1. core exercises provide shared materials related to the individual sections of reference modules: cloze tasks (gap filling), matching activities, multiple choice questions, structuring and re-structuring bits of texts, word formation, use of collocations, analysing and improving the stylistic use of language as appropriate to the text type, editing tasks, and language awareness activities such as error spotting and correction
  2. optional exercises pay a particular attention to specific writing difficulties revealed by needs analysis carried out in respective countries and required by different nationals for different working sectors
  3. key to exercises
  4. self - testing

Methodological Module - one

The following methods are described in a detailed manner:

Freely available is a demo version.

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