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Leonardo da Vinci II: CZ/02/B/F/LA - 134043
Duration: 1/11/2002 - 31/10/2005
This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community. The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community, nor does it involve any responsibility on the part of the European Community.


  1. Leoben University, Austria - is the most specialized among the three technical universities in Austria. It enjoys national as well as international reputation for education and research. Science and research at the university deal with the fields of resource engineering, metallurgy, geosciences, materials science and environmental science and engineering. The industrial liaison department is an integral part of the university and its activities are closely connected with local industry. Thus, testing of products among Austrian end-users and a strong dissemination impact of the project output will be assured.
  2. University of Essex, ELTC, United Kingdom provides English Language programmes for people coming from many different countries to study at Essex or other British universities, as either postgraduates or undergraduates. For these students, it runs intensive courses in English for Academic purposes as well as Diploma and Certificate courses for teachers of EFL. The centre's staff have extensive experience in developing training materials for professional writing skills in English. The centre has contributed substantially to the completion of the first project - A Practical Guide for Technical and Scientific Writers. This will assure linguistic and methodological quality management of the project. Due to a great diversity of its international students, the centre will contribute considerably to dissemination strategy planned by the partnership.
  3. Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Languages, Czech Republic runs language course for bachelor, master, and PhD students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The expertise of the group is in teaching and designing ESP materials aimed at self-study and development of writing skills. A multimedia language laboratory with 15 working stations provides access to up-to-date learning materials. It will enable the partnership to test, evaluate and validate the project's materials. The department co-operates closely with the multimedia experts from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering who will assure technical support and quality control for IT products. The department contracted the Leonardo da Vinci project entitled Writing in English: A Practical Guide for T/S Writers. It has appropriate experience in disseminating project's results both in CZ and abroad. The faculty is currently building its network of cooperating partners from regional industrial plants where the project results will be tested and disseminated.
  4. Syncare Plus, s.r.o., Czech Republic Republic is a small - size company producing cosmetics and trading with skin-care devices and equipment. The company has a network of local representatives throughout CZ/SK and is greatly involved in the e-business. The company has trading partners in Germany and UK. An appropriate disseminating impact will be achieved through the involvement of the network of professionals working for the company and through the workshops regularly organised for the professionals from the area of industrial chemistry and cosmetics.
  5. Institute of Physics of Materials - Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - is focused on the interdisciplinary field of materials science. The major work is carried out in basic research on metallic materials. The institute publishes the results of its research in various scientific journals at the international level. The institute has close links with Brno University of Technology through common PhD students that will test and assess the draft products. The international reputation of the institute will facilitate a proper dissemination impact of the project through high quality pieces of writing in English published or presented by the researchers using the training modules developed.
  6. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Informatics, Department of Chemical education and informatics, Slovenia has a long experience in participating in international projects. Specifically one partner, a language teacher has had experience in teaching ESP in the context of chemistry, developing multi-media teaching materials. The other partner is a specialist in information system design and development. Thus, technical support and quality control of IT production will be assured. To assure high linguistic quality, the faculty team will co-operate with an expert - adviser, who is a native speaker and a researcher in the field of science. A proper dissemination impact of the project results will be ensured through external testing/disseminating subjects from Slovene industry / chemistry related disciplines and pharmacy /.
  7. Krka. d. d., Slovenia is a pharmaceutical company, ranking among the greatest Slovenian exporting companies which, through its mainly generic products, cares for people's health. Activities - which encompass 90% of our overall work - include: the development, production and marketing of drugs, including self-medication preparations and veterinary products.
  8. Matador, a.s., Slovakia Slovakia is a company of holding type active in the area of rubber and machine industry. The Matador company consists of eight divisions located in SK, CZ, D and Russia. Project products will be tested in the Rubber Research Institute and the Institute of Education in Puchov (SK) that form an integral part of the company. Dissemination of the project results will be done at company's workshops and conferences and through a close cooperation with Trencianska University, Faculty of Industrial Technologies in Puchov.
  9. Istituto Tecnico Statale ad Ordinamento Speciale, Italy has developed, under Lingua, another project for disseminating technical language concerning the business and technology fields. Therefore, the expertise of this team will contribute effectively to the development of the proposed product. Through its close cooperation with local industry (the area is highly industrialised), the school will be able to ensure a proper dissemination of the project outputs.
  10. Skjal Translation in Reykjavik, Iceland is a leading company in the Icelandic translation market. Skjal offers proof-reading, translation, copywriting and localisation services. One of the main tasks of this partner is to develop an Icelandic version of the modules with a special emphasis on pharmacy. Testing and dissemination of the project results will be carried out in close co-operation with the University of Iceland.
  11. Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jura, France a legal entity supporting the entrepreneurial activities of regional small and medium-sized enterprises and other legal subjects, offering services in the area of consultancy, education and international cooperation. Testing and dissemination of project products will be ensured through the AGERCEL network.

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