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Leonardo da Vinci II: CZ/02/B/F/LA - 134043
Duration: 1/11/2002 - 31/10/2005
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The fifth meeting was held in Ljubljana: July 7 - 10, 2005

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Thursday, July 7
 Preparation of the meeting (partner 3 and partner 6: contractor and hosting partner) Arrival of participating partners
Friday, July 8
10,00 a.m. - 1,00 p.m.
  • discussion over Instructional modules to chapters 5,6 (contents, testing, www site - presentation)
  • taking decisions about the number and inclusion of the optional exercises for CZ, SI, I and ISL (contents, testing)

Lunch break
2,00 p.m. - 6,00 p.m.
  • discussion over the draft Methodological module developed by Partner 2 (Peter)
  • taking decisions about the final design of product website and CD ROMs) - partner 3 (web designer and subcontracting external evaluator + partner 6 (website developer)
Informal meeting - dinner
Saturday, July 9
10,00 a.m. - 1,00 p.m. Dissemination of project outcomes:
  • reporting on the events realised after the Milan meeting (Partners 1, 2 and 3 (Peter, Zuzana, Wolfgang)
  • planning dissemination activities/workshops in France, Iceland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and U.K.
  • planning the final dissemination conference in Brno (October 24, 2005) - contributions on practical use of project products (results of testing, dissemination workshops, taught courses for end-users, transfer of project products to other professional areas, etc.)
Lunch break
2,00 p.m. - 5,00 p.m. Administration - reporting expected shifts in budget headings of the individual partners) IPR (comments on the final version of the material)
Dinner - socializing
Sunday, July 10

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