Languages for Specific Purposes in Higher Education
– Searching for Common Solutions

24–25 November 2006


Conference Programme:

Download preliminary programme and list of participants.

Invited speakers:

Eric H. Glendinning is Director of the Institute for Applied Languages at the University of Edinburgh in the UK. He has worked in English Language Teaching in Tanzania, Norway, Nepal, and the UK and was formerly the Director of Studies of the Edinburgh Language Foundation. He is the co-author of Basic English for Computing, Oxford English for Computing, Oxford English for Information Technology, and Oxford English for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Eric H. Glendinning is interested in all aspects of ESP, CALL, and in the craft of teaching.

John Allison is Director of the Research & Development in Interlingua, Lyon. He has worked in the UK, Germany, France. He is interested in teacher training, teaching adults, and ESP. John Allison is the author or co-author of coursebooks for tertiary sector Business Partners, In Company Case Studies.

Conference sponsors:

Oxford University Press Cambridge University Press MacMillan British Council