Languages for Specific Purposes in Higher Education
– Searching for Common Solutions

24–25 November 2006

Call for Papers

Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology in co-operation with Language Department of the Faculty of Military Technology, University of Defence kindly invite you to the international conference

Languages for Specific Purposes in Higher Education
– Searching for Common Solutions

intended to offer a forum to present main issues and show possible solutions in teaching languages in higher education.

Topics: Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes: identifying problems and offering possible solutions, curricula, teaching objectives, content language integrated learning – principles, pluses and minuses, sharing experience;
Testing Languages in Higher Education: identifying problems and offering solutions, purposes, methods;
European Language Portfolio: methods of application, results, pros and cons;
ICT in Language Teaching in Higher Education: benefits, pitfalls, effects of different factors and approaches of the participants.
Official language: English
Submission: Registration form and abstract shall be submitted on-line, paper shall be sent electronically in the required format to the required addresses (see details on the following pages).


    Department of Foreign Languages
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Brno University of Technology
Technická 2
616 69 Brno
Czech Republic

Contact persons:
Ms Hana Vallová

  (conference fee payment)
Ms Dita Gálová

  (information in English)
Language Department
Faculty of Military Technology
University of Defence
Kounicova 65
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Contact person:
Ms Alena Müllerová

  (sending papers)

Conference sponsors:

Oxford University Press Cambridge University Press MacMillan British Council